Mi Corded and Cordless Trimmer Review

Mi Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer Review

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Mi has become a top-rated brand in the market for its feature-rich electronic gadgets. After launching amazing collections of smartphones, sunglasses, and backpack – they have finally captured audience attention with one new lifestyle collection: Bread Trimmer.

Mi Corded & Cordless beard trimmer is a handy and convenient solution for office persons, frequent travellers, and all those with versatile usage. Experts recommend it as a modern resolution to many grooming challenges.

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer
Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

It can serve your routine trimming needs with a long-lasting battery, self-sharpening blades and IPX7 waterproof finish.

If you are confused about whether it is good to buy this premium trimmer, prefer to check the incredible features and specifications below.

Best Features

Mi beard trimmer is loaded with a stainless steel blade which ensures a comfortable and convenient trimming experience.

There is a knob on the front side of the trimmer which can be used to adjust the length of the beard; the range selection options vary between 0.5 to 10 mm. &  it can go up to 20 mm with 40 length settings. The comb can be adjusted automatically as you start rotating the knob.

The charging port is added to the bottom side of the trimmer where you can attach the normal 5V adapter. There are 3 LED lights that are located right below the length adjusting knob, and they keep on providing quick details about remaining battery.

Other than this, the trimmer includes two beard combs that are suitable for long hair beard as well as for the short hairs.

This trimmer can serve you for 90 minutes with a single charge of 2 hours. Moreover, it is easier to carry outdoors with a protective case. While travelling, simply press the power button for 3 seconds to lock it down and press the same button again to turn it on.

Other than this, Mi Beard Trimmer is known for its unique quad edge design and waterproof finish.

SpecificationMi Beard Trimmer
Running Time1.5 hrs (90 min)
Charging Time2 hrs (120 min)
Best Trimmers Ratio – (Running time/Charging time)45 min/hr
IndicatorLED Battery Indicator
Corded/CordlessCorded & Cordless
Cutting Length0.5 mm, 1 mm -20 mm
Precision0.5 mm
Length Settings40
Cutting ElementsStainless Steel Blades
Power adaptor/USB charging5V Adaptor and USB charging
Warranty1 year
Travel/Storages pouchYes
  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • 5-minute quick charge option.
  • 40 length settings with 0.5mm precision.
  • The adaptor is not included in the box.
  • The dial appears hard to use.
  • Sharp blades may cause irritation on sensitive skin type.


This Mi Corded & Cordless Trimmer is available with unique quad edge design that can reach up to the rough spots on your beard with ease.

This trimmer is rated high for its travel-safe design and waterproof finish. You can buy it online and start enjoying the most precise and accurate trimming experience.

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