Syska HT3052K/02 Untragroom Pro Styling Kit Review

Syska HT3052K_02 Untragroom Pro Styling Kit Review

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Everyone likes to groom themselves, but the hectic day doesn’t allow us to take time out for ourselves. You might find it difficult to get the salon appointments that match up with your busy schedule. Not only women but men also have got to know the importance of styling themselves. The way they style themselves indicates their perspective and outlook towards their life.

There are various styling products that are dominating the market. All of them provide one greatest advantage that is it can be used from the comforts of your home. But all of them differ with respect to the kind of technology that they offer.

Syska HT3052K/02
Syska HT3052K/02

One such product that you would love to use is the SYSKA HT3052K/02 Ultragroom Pro Styling Kit. It comes with a complete grooming and styling kit. You can easily use this product for various purposes. Following is a table that summarizes some of the features of Syska Beard Trimmer:

SpecificationsSYSKA HT3052K/02
Package ContentsTrimmer, Attachment Heads: Nose Trimmer, Precision Trimmer, Body Hair Trimmer, Foil Shaver, 2 Stubble Combs, Dock, Cleaning Brush, User Manual & Warranty Card
Dimensions4 X 4 X 15
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Use Time50 minutes
Number of Length Settings10
AttachmentsHeads: Shaver, Nose Trimmer, Precision Trimmer, Body Shaver
Battery Type Rechargeable Battery
 Weight449 g


What else do you need when you are getting a complete grooming kit by Syska? Syska HT3052K/02 perfectly styles you by offering a complete kit which includes beard trimmer, precision trimmer, foil shaver, hair trimmer, body hair trimmer and nose trimmer.

The most worrying factor while one is trimming and shaving the beard is to indulge in getting cuts or nicks, but with the SensoCut blades integrated into Syska trimmer, you do not have to take tension of cuts.

Syska HT3052K/02
Syska HT3052K/02 Review

The blades protect you against any accident and glide themselves according to the shape of your face. With the ergonomic design, you can hold the trimmer easily. The convenience of the firm grip aids in reaching the hard to reach areas. You do not need to worry about the slipping the trimmer from your hands because of the sturdy grip. To style the beard, the way you wish is crucial to look your best.

Syska beard trimmer allows you to do the same by providing you with ten different length adjustments. These length adjustments break down the walls of objectivity since now you can explore different kinds of looks with your beard.

Precision provided by the length adjustments is also commendable with the incremental precision setting of 1 mm each.

 of the total charge, then the LED indicator turns red, indicating the need to charge the trimmer. When the Syska trimmer is charged fully, the trimmer can be used continuously for 50 minutes. Also, when you feel it is urgent for you to use the trimmer, but there is no battery left, then with the Rapid Charge Technology, you can charge the product for one hour before using it.

Stainless steel blades are used to trim and shave the beard. These blades self sharpen themselves by gliding against each other while you are using it. Also, they are skin-friendly, so they avoid any kind of rashes or allergies on the face.

The blades are not required to be changed after several cuts because the precision remains the same as it was from the beginning. Body of the Syska trimmer can be washed without any worry of damaging the internal parts of it. It is completely water-resistant. The head of the trimmer as well can be detached to wash it separately.

All you need to do is place it under the water and clean it. After that, dry it and use it next diligently next time. A cleaning brush is also provided in the package; you can use it to remove dust or hairs. With the product, you get two years of warranty with an additional one year warranty if you are a part of Syska’s customer loyalty program.

  • You get to enjoy various different features in a single product.
  • The charging time is lower as compared to running time.
  • LED indicator proves to be helpful.
  • Syska trimmer can be used with or without the cord easily.
  • The quality of the combs is pretty average.
  • You have to clean the trimmer more frequently.
  • If you trim without a comb, then trimming is average.


One of the best features of Syska Trimmer is that different kinds of attachments can be used to do various tasks. All your jobs of styling and grooming are achieved within a single product itself. It works pretty smoothly on the skin.

It can be a tough task to determine when your trimmer needs a charge, but with the help of LED indicator, you can easily get to know the same.

The runtime of the trimmer is also pretty good. By charging the trimmer for one hour, you can use it while you are in a hurry. For your convenience, Syska trimmer can be used corded or cordless. Cleanliness and hygiene are always ought to be a priority.

Wash the trimmer under running water to prevent any kind of rashes. As you might have known till now, beard trimmers have become quite an essential part of everyday life. This is because of the fact that everyone wants to look their best despite the time constraint that they might face.

Therefore, to solve your problem of styling and grooming, Syska presents an overall grooming kit. Use it and enjoy it to its fullest extent possible.

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